Aurora Blade: Trade System Introduction

Each game possesses a unique trade system so players have the ability to support themselves, Aurora Blade is no different. Today, the Aurora Blade team from IGG are giving a brief introduction about the in game trade system.

The trade system in Aurora Blade includes a Market system and an Item Trade system.

All unbound items can be traded. Click “Market” in any of the cities to sell an item. It costs nothing to sell an item, however the system will ask for 2% of the item’s price as a commission after it is successfully traded. Players can buy items from the Market wherever they are. After they successfully buy something, they can claim their items from the Express Company in Dak.

Players can also trade their items with other players. Choose a target and click “Trade” and then choose the items to trade in your bag. Click “Send” and the target will receive the trade invitation at once. After the target enters the amount of money, the trade will be finished and the target can claim the appointed items from the Express Company in Daks.

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