Bahamar Bayou Expansion

The land of Bahamar Bayou (the final installment of the Manifest Destiny Expansion) is inhabited by many powerful monsters. In fact, a couple of the most powerful monsters (mini-bosses) are rumored to have ultra-rare recipes on them. However, would-be Pioneers will quickly find out that they have more than just monsters getting in their way. A family of witches has been living in the Bayou for generations… and they are most unhappy that their solitude has been interrupted. Bahamar Bayou is no place for the weak or timid.

Journeying through the Bayou will certainly be treacherous, so it may be a good idea to bring along some powerful new characters with your Family. One of the newest UPCs available to pioneering families is Gygax.
Gygax, the younger brother of Eduardo, is quite powerful in the ways of fighting and was last seen near Ferruccio’s Wall. Bahamar Bayou’s city, New Opoluto is where Pioneers will find the Queen’s regent, Sir Igorne. Who has been appointed by the Queen of Vespanola to ensure that her pioneers are sent-out to achieve her goals.

The Queen has great faith in her Pioneering Families and she knows that you will not let her down. "Let nothing and no one stand in your way, as you conquer the new lands of the Bahamar Bayou.”


This is the stunning conclusion to the Manifest Destiny Expansion.

  • Bahamar Bayou is a new region with 9 new maps. 
  • New level 100 Elite items are being released with this map.
  • New UPC: Gygax is skilled with pistols as well as a rapier.
  • New Monsters inhabit the Bayou.  Only the strongest will survive.
  • New NPCs: Sir Igorne doesn’t believe in “Witches”, unfortunately, they believe in him…
  • New City: New Opoluto is built into the Bayou as a safe haven for pioneers just landing.
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