Barack Obama Hits the MMO Scene is reporting the following news:

President Barack Obama is well known for his technological prowess and is a popular landmark on the internet super-highway. Now he’s making an appear in the MMO scene in the form of a unique MMO called Rumble Fighter. No, he’s not really showing up in person to play the MMO but the folks over at OGPlanet, the makers of Rumble Fighter are showing their support for our President with a new in-game item.

Players in Rumble Fighter will now be able to purchase a new in-game T-Shirt to wear while they pounce on their opponents with President Obama’s famous slogan, “Yes We Can”. On the back of the shirt you will find Barack’s likeness imprinted for all to see. The shirt can now be bought at the in-game item shop for you Rumble players using Astros, the games currency.

About Rumble Fighter

One of the most unique fighting games around, Rumble Fighter allows up to 8 players to battle it out online in simultaneous melee action. Featuring an advanced combo attack skill system with multitudes of real fighting styles to choose from, Rumble Fighter allows players’ to build the fighter they’ve always wanted to be.


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