BasketDudes Announces Summer Update, Bug Fixes

BasketDudes Announces Summer Update, Bug Fixes




BitToon Games today announced big things concerning summer content for their F2P PVP-focused MMO Basketball game, BasketDudes.



BasketDudes, fresh from taking in Best Game in Show at the Gamelab Awards Festival, is preparing to launch a new wave of content to keep players cool during the long summer.


The WBC has announced its newest player, Greek Nikos Kataraktas AKA ‘The Gimmick’ has joined the ranks of BasketDude’s 56 total players. The Gimmick excels as a forward defensive player with exceptional ball handling skills.



In addition to Nikos, BasketDudes has done much to improve the responsiveness of players in defensive mode, ensuring a much more competitive gaming experience. The dribbling skills have been completely reworked to emphasize the advantage dribbling master players have when handling the ball. The game’s match making system has also been improved to do a better job of matching players with other players of similar skill level and character level. As if this wasn’t enough, new gaming cards have also been introduced to increase your coach’s strategic options during the game.



All in all these changes should make BasketDudes a more balanced and intuitive gameplay experience and OnRPG can’t wait to get our hands on the game for a full review soon.

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