Batman Telltale: The Curse of Arkham

NYCC 2013 Day 2 Batman

The last Batman game to come to PC, Arkham Knight was absolutely awful. Virtually no PC could run it, and no matter what people did, it would just be an unmitigated failure. It was one of those rare moments that the console version was better, by virtue of it actually fucking working. Yesterday, however, the latest Telltale game dropped, and Telltale are pretty well known for producing quality products. What was the latest Telltale game you might ask? If you’re here, you probably know it was Batman. I’m not the only one excited for this game, because I love Telltale, and while I’m not a tremendous Batman fan, I love his Rogue’s Gallery and a lot of the stories told around him. They’re interesting and I was hoping it would be the same as most of their other content: Playable and enjoyable.

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NOPE. 1200+ reviews in one day? That cannot possibly be good. It’s officially listed as “mixed”. 68% of the reviews are positive, but that’s still a whopping number. A lot of the positive ones I’ve come across are saying how unfair it is that “I didn’t get any bugs, so there are no issues”, which is selfish. I haven’t played it yet, but the wall of thumbs down admittedly turned me off, and while no, I haven’t played it yet, I’m not willing to get a game that has that. damn. many issues with it. Those people are likely not talking out of their asses. While lots of reviews on Steam are comical and ridiculous, these, for the most part, appear to be valid. If two hundred people are complaining that it runs in 10FPS and crashes in the same spot, that’s not just whistling Dixie. I’m sure they’ll fix it, but shouldn’t this have been Quality Controlled? Did they not bother? Now, I’m not saying the people with positive experiences are liars, but I am saying that it appears that people who are interested should wait and hear about a fix for the game before they plunk down damn near 30 bucks for something that has at least a 50/50 shot of not working.

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