Battle of the Immortals Titan Update Coming Soon

Battle of the Immortals Titan Update Coming Soon




Perfect World Entertainment is pleased to unveil the latest Titan content update for its action-MMORPG, Battle of the Immortals, featuring one of the biggest bosses players have yet to face. In the recent battle with the Dragon Emperor, High Priest Demitrios was defeated, his soul corrupted by the dark forces he piously fought to protect the world from. In an effort to prevent the forces of good from collecting all three relics of Odin, Demitrios was ordered to perform a dark ritual to unleash a truly unholy force upon the world. Kronos, known as the King of Gods, stands over a hundred feet tall or over 30 meters for those who are on the metric system, and is ready to wage war against the heroic Immortals of Motenia.



With the new Titan content update, players can look forward to two new maps as well! The Black Dragon Lair and Giants Kingdom. The Black Dragon Lair features the mother of all dragons, Moser, with scales tough enough to withstand the strongest weapon and black feathers that are immune to any elemental magic.



The kingdom of the Giants, now abandoned, still holds much wreckage and remnants of their civilization. One particularly nasty relic is Gunk, a Robotic Sentry still carrying out his last orders to prevent outsiders from entering into the Kingdom. Rally your friends and prepare to disassemble Gunk and gain access to the many treasures he hides.



The Battle of the Immortals Titan Update is expected to go live in July.

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