Battlestar Galatica Online Improves Controls, Launches Public Test Server

Battlestar Galatica Online Improves Controls, Launches Public Test Server



Bigpoint today revealed new additions to their space flight browser MMO, Battlestar Galatica Online. With this update they are taking a more community driven direction in their development cycle, addressing common requests including offering more action intensive content for new players, improving controls, and introducing a public test server.



Battlespace Sector

A new Battlespace Sector has been created for beginner level players (Level 9 and below) to experience intense space combat and accustom themselves to the instanced PvP world. Players who are eligible will be able to join this sector at anytime by clicking the “Take me to Battlespace” button on the HUD, and will be transported to the Battlespace from anywhere in the galaxy.



Advanced Flight Controls

The BSGO development team has updated the 3D flight controls to enable better maneuvering and speed control for pilots in the game. With the highly-requested advanced flight controls, players will notice more dynamic transitions in various aspects of gameplay such as basic combat, mining, and camera orientation. The advanced flight controls offer users a smoother and more intuitive experience while engaging in epic dogfights.



Troy – Public Test Sever

Troy is a new server dedicated to community testing. Players have the opportunity to check out new features and additions available for testing and provide feedback before they are deployed to the live servers. The new public test server will be used to support a wide variety of in-game assessments, and will not accept player payments. The first release of Troy includes improvements in the Leoben branch, which comes out this week.



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