Bayonetta on PC: About damn time!

Finally, a console to PC port that is great!

Bayonetta Review 1

Seriously. When this game first came out, I had a PS3. My Xbox 360 had died, for the third time and I was not considering a replacement at that time. So when my job started to fade away [Game Crazy/Movie Gallery] due to poor decisions above me, Bayonetta was just coming out on the consoles. However… the PS3 version was awful. Poor framerates, awful loading times, everything about it was just terrible. I don’t know how they could have been dreadful from one console to another, since both were very solid machines… that said, it sucked a lot, despite how good the game was. So when Bayonetta 2 was announced, I was thrilled! Finally, I could play a good Bayonetta game on a good console! Except it was going to the Wii-U and I had zero desire to buy a Wii-U for less than five games. The only other game I really wanted for it were imports of Sengoku BASARA, but that’s neither here nor there. So I didn’t get to play Bayonetta 2. Though Platinum definitely would like to port their games to PC if they could. Playing with a PS4 controller was also fantastic! I didn’t have any issues getting my controller to work, or getting going.

Bayonetta Review 2

Up until this point, my life has been bereft of Bayonetta… until I found it was not only coming to PC, it was already here and I missed the announcement! I immediately dove in as soon as I could, and boy was I not disappointed. It loads so fast, the gameplay is smooth, fluid, it’s tight. Everything feels perfect. I haven’t died or taken a hit because the framerates are awful, I don’t spend five minutes waiting for a cutscene but it does still have tons of cutscenes to sit through. I don’t mind, the story’s mostly very good. While the game itself, the important parts, combat and such, are at 60 fps, the cutscenes don’t look quite as sharp or beautiful. They’re locked down at 30 fps. While that could be a knock, all I really care about is how the game works. It’s not really necessary to completely redo the cutscenes or anything like that. I never really got into the Devil May Cry, but anyone who hasn’t played this, but loves that franchise? Bayonetta’s basically a sexy, nonchalant Dante. Her combat is graded in the same manner, there are tons of ludicrous combos and sickeningly cool moves, and it’s not just walking through stages over and over. You go from a fairly normal area to falling from the sky, or fighting on a highway on top of vehicles, you name it.

Bayonetta Review 3

It’s over-the-top, and the story feels.. it just feels right. It’s entertaining. Does it have a lot of fanservice? Well, yeah. It’s Bayonetta. Hell, even Nintendo let her have sexy costumes on Smash Bros., which admittedly did surprise me. Even Nintendo sees that while yeah, it’s a sexy character, and she’s designed that way on purpose, it’s not the end of the world. She’s empowered in her own way, powerful, quick-witted, and while at this point in time, nothing in this game is “new” per se’, it might be new to a lot of players. I feel like it’s aged pretty well, the combat is still remarkably smooth. It has plenty of replayability built right in by going back to stages anytime you want, upping the difficulty, farming, trying new things, learning new ways to fight and play. It still has plenty of challenge going for it, and I’m so glad that it’s finally playable on a modern machine. It had so many issues on PS3 as I said earlier, and I hope it sells well on console and that Platinum can get permission to get some of their other titles onto PC [lookin’ at you, Nintendo…]. Bayonetta is a probably one of the best console-to-PC that I’ve honestly ever played. It’s smooth, fluid, and the upscaled graphics don’t look bad at all. I want more of this franchise just in general. If there’s one thing Platinum can do? They make phenomenal action games.  There were a few complaints online about some issues with framerate issues but truthfully, I never experienced it, and from what I’ve read, there’s a fix.

Hype Train: 4/5, Hype Train has no brakes

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