Beat the Heat with Digimon Masters

Beat The Heat With Digimon Masters


Digimon Masters Online


Joymax announced today its latest update for the popular online massive multiplayer title, Digimon Masters. A fantastic universe where our world and the Digital World are closer than anyone would have imagined is about to change in ways never expected! Digimon Masters continues the story and heightened sense of urgency found in the Digimon anime. This summertime update will bring tamers a raised level cap, all-new Digimon, new items and new maps!



The new Summer Festival will have power growing stronger as players and their Digimon can now attain the lofty goal of level 90! With this increased level cap, comes new powers to explore, and players will now have the opportunity to delve deeper into the mazes of the Digital World with four new Maze floors to explore on the journey to 90!



New Digimon have also joined the fray including two new Mercenaries: Salamon (who will digivolve to BlackTailmon) and FanBeemon. In addition, Lopmon’s Ultimate form can now be unlocked via the Angel Ring item. Two new field drops for companion Digimon are also included in the update, Dogmon and Armamon, making a total of six new Digimon available for the summer. Salamon was the official winner of the “Most Wanted Digimon Poll” event and Joymax is pleased to add him to the game. Leveling these new partners is the perfect opportunity to try out the hot new items including twelve new summer avatars!

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