BERSERK Musou – Is this wise?


Okay guys, let’s talk E3 type announcements!  Koei-Tecmo, a company that I borderline on worship, announced BERSERK.  The upcoming game in the Musou franchise is fucking. BERSERK. Why do I always type BERSERK in all caps? Because it fucking needs it! For those of you who are uninitiated/unaware/hate anime, Berserk is one of the most grim, depressing, fucking violent things I’ve seen ever. And I love it. It’s gripping storytelling.  Guts goes around brutalizing people with his blade, and is generally speaking, a badass. Guts is a bad motherfucker. I can’t believe I get to write about this, either. Here we go though! There are some really taboo and uncomfortable shit goes down in this series.  Stuff like:

  • Little boy Guts being raped by Donovan
  • Casca gets raped by Griffith
  • Griffith basically murders everyone but Guts/Casca to become God Hand Femto. [Skull Knight saves them]
  • The Rape of the Faeries of Misty Valley

Berserk 2

THESE ARE THINGS THAT HAPPEN. And there’s other really uncomfortable stuff that happens. Not to mention the tons of gratuitous violence. Now, do I think it shouldn’t be made into a game? Lord no. I love Berserk. It’s practically built for this style of game. But I wonder, is this stuff going to be alluded to/mentioned/ SHOWN in game? I can’t help but wonder. Will it be 18+?  Rated MA? AO? Is Koei okay with the potential backlash? And there could be, because parents are idiots sometimes, and buy their pre-teen kids ridiculous shit they have no business owning. It’s something that’s really been on my brain since it was announced. Thanks to Kristine Kasuka for making sure my facts were more or less in order also!

Do you think it should be censored? Edited? Stuff kept out? Do you want the uncomfortable stuff put in? Sound off below if you’d like!

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  • KristineKasuka

    I think they should keep the uncomfortable stuff in, just have the implications of the messed up stuff happening.

  • Clownsaurus

    Keep it true to the source material brah. Censoring it will just generate bad press in all likelihood

  • Ragachak

    I agree with both of you honestly. I don’t want it to be censored, but I want it to be faithful. I love and respect Koei though; I’m sure they’ll do right by it.