Best E3 Trailer – “Only One”, Kanye West

. . . Don’t give me that look. Of course I don’t mean that. But it got your attention, yeah? Yeezy, or “Kanye West” as he is known on this particular plane of existence, is less a man, and more an entity. He is something that happens to other people, that occurs in their lives, generally without warning or knowledge. One of his tracks might get played for the unwitting person while in the car, or on YouTube.  But for those of you who don’t know, Kanye West is designing a game, and I believe he announced it around the same time he dropped his “Life of Pablo” album.  Now, I think Kanye is a lot of things. Kind of a colossal prick sandwich, incessantly over-hyped [not just his music, pick a thing], but he is a phenomenal self-promoter. Sure, he has tons of money and can have his shit hyped anywhere in the world practically, but he is great at talking about himself, and that matters when promoting yourself. You have to believe in yourself too. I can respect that.  But let’s talk about that trailer.

2016-06-15 07_33_20-Greenshot

The song in the background is conveniently his “Hit Single”, Only One. The song and game are a tribute to his mother, Dr. Donda West. That’s a beautiful thing to do, I won’t lie to you guys. As a song, that’s brilliant, and it was actually really quite good! But the game? It’s pretty. Lots of clouds, and angels, as far as we get to see. Why does it look like a heavenly version of “Robot Unicorn Attack”? There’s still no release date, still no actual gameplay, so in essence, it’s a REAL E3 TRAILER. The game is about his mother traveling to the gates of Heaven, so I’m not going to bash that, because that’s just cold, and I can’t afford a beef with Yeezy.  Away from all the sentimentality though, he went on record saying that making video games is “hard”. Well no shit it’s hard! Those multi-million dollar budgets aren’t for nothing! Unless if it’s Arkham Knight. Looking at that PC release, boys.

2016-06-15 07_33_02-Greenshot

At the end of the day, or the start of the day, I’m not suggesting that Kanye needs to stay out of gaming. Because that’s elitist talk, and I’m not about that life. I think a tribute to a fallen mother is wonderful. But a game tribute? That to me, sounds like someone trying to make as much money off the passing of a family member as they can, and that’s not comfortable to me. Unless she was a gamer; in which case, you know, maybe she would’ve wanted it. I’m not here to speculate, because I don’t know them like that. But there was a trailer for “Only One” at E3 this year, and it really gave me something to think about. Personally, I think there should be some combat. Like, his Angelic Mother kicking the shit out of demons or Earthly hands trying to pull her back down.  I just don’t have any context on why he’s actually making a game other than to try and milk some money. Maybe album sales are falling off? Anyone else remember when he was trying to farm money on Kickstarter? If it’s an honest tribute? Wonderful. If he’s just trying to monetize the death of a loved one? That’s about the scummiest thing a human being could do.

2016-06-15 07_33_13-Greenshot

I didn’t tag the video in this because I couldn’t find a trailer that didn’t link to someone elses’ channel and I refused to upload it to mine.  It’s less than a minute long and you can find it easily on YouTube. I promise.

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  • Matt Blaylock

    What the Hell did I just see?

    • Ragachak

      It’s definitely a thing that’s happening. From what I’ve been told, it’s “not” an attempt to monetize the passing of his mother. Which I didn’t accuse him of to start with. But, it’s definitely a very real thing that’s happening.

  • Jaime Skelton

    I’ll give him one thing, he’s fearless.

    • Ragachak

      Isn’t that the truth?