Beta-Registration and launch of official website for Runes of Magic

After an initial teaser page, the official website of Runes of Magic just went online. On the brand new internet platform, fans of the free online game can now register for the closed beta phase. According to current planning, players will have the opportunity to take a glimpse of Runes of Magic already in late autumn before its actual release.

Along with the launch of the official website a lot of detailed information about the history of the game world Taborea has become available. Historians for the first time learn more about the Silverspring and Varanas regions past. Moreover, first details of the skills and characteristics of the six main classes warrior, scout, rogue, mage, cleric and knight can now be discovered. And from now on the community can partake as well, because publisher Frogster has opened the forums for fans to discuss the game. Of course, a bulging download area featuring wallpapers and concept arts for your desktop as well as the recently published teaser video is available, too at the following link: Runes of Magic

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