Black Friday MMORPG Deals!

Black Friday MMORPG Deals!


In America, Thanksgiving is done. The turkey has been eaten and the flood gates opened on shopping. For everyone online there are deals to be had too. There’s some Black Friday Tidbits to be found but also keep an eye out for Cyber Monday deals.



Black Friday


Right now if you head over to Steam you can snap up EVE: Tyrannis for a mere €5. Steam Deals however are time sensitive and this current batch will expire at 5pm GMT.


Not one to ever miss a chance at a sale, Warcraft is promoting itself as well for the Thanksgiving Season and for the lead up to Cataclysm. You can buy either for yourself or for someone else, Warcraft and The Burning Crusade at $5 each, with Wrath of the Lich King going for $10. Quite a bit of saving possible there before the new expansion.

Dungeons And Dragons Online is offering promotions in their DDO store, most notably until Sunday a Double Bonus Point promotion.


Star Trek Online beams in some deals for everyone this Black Friday, with everything but the most awesome Klingon ships and the new Enterprise bundle being 20% off.


City of Heroes will also do their best to make you feel super but their deals are being held back until Cyber Monday when a selection of the Super Booster packs will be at 50% off and will have the City Of Heroes Going Rogue Complete Collection for a slashed $9.99.

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