Black Gold Online: Pre-ordering Now Available

Black Gold Online

Snail Games, today announced that Black Gold Online is now available for pre-order online. By pre-ordering the retail version, players gain immediate perks including a special mount (horse) in their final game retail package, available this summer.

The special exclusive mount, the Swift Nightmare, is a magnificent black horse that boosts travel speed and releases flame effects when players ride.

Along with the pre-order, Snail Games announced details of the retail version, titled Black Gold Online: Conqueror’s Edition.

Black Gold Online: Conqueror’s Edition includes custom exclusive garments (Officer’s Overcoat and Ceremonial Garment); special crystals for high-end exchange and crafting (Soul Crystal and Stone of Blessings); and over $20 of in-game currency. All told, the retail version includes digital content worth more than $50.

“Black Gold Online is building massive momentum and anticipation leading into its release this summer,” said Jim Tsai, Vice President, Snail Games. “By pre-ordering the retail version of the unique MMO, players not only get exclusive content for their pre-order, but also content exclusive to the Conqueror’s Edition, which is already a tremendous value in itself.”

Black Gold Online: Conqueror’s Edition is now available for pre-order at, and for $19.99. Pre-ordered copies will be received during the game’s release this summer.

Black Gold Online combines the worlds of fantasy and gothic steampunk with two factions caught in an epic struggle for supremacy. One side features the land of Erlandir, which is filled with magic drawn from the nature found around the ancient jungles and temples of the terrain. The other side features the land of Isenhorst, a mechanized society of giant walking cities that utilize engineering and mechanized equipment to gain the advantage – each battling it out for control of a powerful, crystallized energy known as Black Gold.

Black Gold Online will be available via free download, as well as a retail copy this summer exclusively for PC. For more info, visit

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