Blackshot closes the 1st Closed Beta Phase

eFusion has released details from their first phase of closed beta and are now announcing the 2nd phase!


Starting from the 10th of March till the 17th of March 2010, Blackshot performed the 1st phase of their closed beta tests. In this period they had more than 7000 unique tester online on their servers from various European and North American countries, giving their servers the first stress tests. 

The servers had been opened to their testers from 03.00 PM until 12.00 AM including an all open weekend, in total more than 100 hours. The result from these tests and also the reports of the testers are currently getting reviewed by the product team to evaluate changes for the next phase!

Based on the results gathered, the next closed beta phase will focus on network improvement and analyzing to increase the quality of service for Blackshot’s future players. The 2nd Closed Beta phase will focus only on European territories and there for players from other regions won’t be able to connect.

Additionally to the European focus in the 2nd phase of the closed beta, Blackshot will increase the numbers of lobby’s to three. Germany will get its own lobby next to lobbies for West and East Europe!

The 2nd phase of the closed beta will start on the 24th of March and lasts until the 31st of March! In this time the reporting event for the testers, which will provide them some special and unique items if they report valuable feedback, is continuing as well!

Last but not least, Blackshot will be working with OnRPG again to give out more keys to players who are interested!

eFusion MMOG GmbH are looking forward to the next phase of the closed beta and hopes to finish it as successful as the 1st one!


First Closed Beta is Dead, Second Closed Beta is ALIVE!

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