Blade Wars Open Beta Begins Thursday June 24

Blade Wars Open Beta Begins Thursday June 24

During E3 proudly announced the start date of Open Beta for Blade Wars.

“You can create and personalize your own kung fu combos, making your character more versatile and able to handle any situation you may encounter,” explains Blade Wars co-producer, Angie Canary. “This means that even within the same class, no two characters are likely to fight using the same tactics and skills.”

Blade Wars - Open Beta Starts

Additional features of the game include an inventive mini game called Maestro, a music mini game that allows adventures to earn experience points for creating and performing custom musical numbers. “Our players & testers had a ton of fun grouping up and playing in a band together in Closed Beta,” notes Canary. “There are a lot of fun surprises in Blade Wars.”

Blade Wars Open Beta begins Thursday June 24, 2010 at 4:00 PM (PDT). As this is open, no keys are required to join! Just download and play. This is the worldwide English release and will serve players from around the globe.

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