Blade Wars Power Boost: Level to 50 Instantly!

Blade Wars Power Boost: Level to 50 Instantly! (US) Inc, today announced the Blade Wars “Level Up Event”, an in-game event that allows players to automatically boost their character up to level 50 without the hassle of grinding.


Blade Wars Evil
Who likes grinding anyway? 


The “Level Up Event” begins June 8th and runs through the end of closed beta. Players in Blade Wars will have the freedom to experiment with bigger combos, higher level maps, and enter into massive guild vs. guild battles!


Start off by speaking to Roaring Mantis in Spring County next to the Reward Officer. Roaring Mantis will boost your character’s level to 50, increase Exp. to 300,000, set all stats to 200 and award you 30,000 free Coins to spend on whatever your heart desires.


Blade Wars Boss
Straight to the higher bosses


That’s not all! Speak to Celestial Rooster and receive free gear from the nearly-impossible-to-find Mars Gear Sets. Then talk with Wise Panda to receive free Skill Books for your class!


Level Up Event Offers:
–          Instant level to 50
–          300,000 exp to spend on Ultra Skills
–          Set all stats to 200
–          30,000 free Coins to spend
–          Free rare gear from the Mars Sets
–          Free Skill Books for your class


Visit the Blade Wars website for more information on Blade Wars or this event.

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