Blizzard still won’t talk about Legacy Servers

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Personally, I don’t want to go back to Vanilla. It’s fun for a time but Vanilla World of Warcraft was a hate-filled, fiery, anger-inducing festival of madness. I didn’t get my mount until post level 50 [and it unlocked at 40].  Forty man dungeons. Being a mage, and watching, crestfallen, as a Resto Druid rolled on the robes you’ve been trying to get for four months, desperate for something new to your kit because crafting is too expensive. Griping at the lack of useful addons, only having Molten Core, AQ20, AQ40, UBRS, Sunken Temple still being a raid. Naxx? You don’t go to Naxx. You aren’t good enough to go to Naxxramas. 1% of the population or so went to Naxx, and even fewer left with the caster legendary. So where am I going with all of this? Let’s talk Nostalrius. Nostalrius is a custom Vanilla World of Warcraft server, which was admittedly an interesting idea. It was fun for a bit of a nostalgia trip, but I don’t know why people love Vanilla so. Blizzard shut down Nostalrius, and there have been rumors abound Blizzard creating some Legacy servers for us old folks. Blizzard however has ruled this out entirely from what I understand.

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A spokesperson for Nostalrius said however, “if Blizzard doesn’t make an announcement to honor their own core values, be sure that we will”.  There are people still talking that Blizzard might make a huge Legacy announcement at BlizzCon. However, Blizzard has not forgotten the outcry, and sometimes it might take a while, but inevitably, Blizzard gives people what they want. I mean, 300,000+ people signed a damn petition for it. I’m not so sure; would it be cool to have a legit Vanilla server to occasionally dip into? To do all the crazy, broken stuff that was possible back then? Maybe. . .But I like all of my quality of life improvements. Cross-server grouping. Do you want to go back to the way it was? Yelling over Trade/General chat, begging for one tank for SM: Cathedral? I don’t. I like the way things are now. It might be a fun for a dip in the pool, but at the end of the day I think it’d make people more appreciative of how good they have it now. I think Nostalrius should have been allowed to stay, but if Blizzard would work with them on it, it would be truly an inspiring moment. What do you think of Legacy servers? Yay or nay?

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  • Herschel Pilcher III

    Well, Blizzard has the right to shut down ‘unauthorized’ uses of it’s property. It kind of makes them look bad, given how often big companies are portrayed as iron-hearted cash grabbers.

    Maybe they should take a page from Riot’s corporate play book and give the hardcore fans of the product what they want. If there was enough interest in Vanilla WoW for people to dredge up the original source code and maintain a server, then there are people willing to pay to keep such a classic game alive. And ‘pay’ is generally all Blizzard should need to hear. Hosting a single server for a Vanilla WoW experience shouldn’t even register as a blip in Blizzard’s financial spreadsheet.

  • Eric Marsh

    I think Blizzard is completely in the right here.

    There are arguments for keeping perpetual games like WoW and other MMOs in a sort of museum-state, but it should have appropriate stewardship in that case. Blizzard shouldn’t be bowing down to the desires of “300,000” players when those players can be more effectively serviced with a more up-to-date product. There’s also the concept from which Nostalrius draws its name: nostalgia. One cannot experience nostalgia without having played the game in the past. It speaks to a static population of players, further reduced by those who prefer the current iteration of the game.

    Nostalrius issuing some “ultimatum message” to Blizzard in lieu of Legacy server mentions at BlizzCon is just Nostalrius’ owners/operators being assholes. Makes me feel even less comfortable with their persistence at this whole private server thing.

    • Ragachak

      I’m not saying that they should bow down to them at all. But I think if there’s a genuine want for it, then maybe Blizzard could do something about it. They could easily host a Vanilla/Legacy server if they wanted. But eh. I don’t think anything will come of it one way or another.

    • Weejas

      Supply, and demand. Its a basic function of a capitalistic society. Just because you think a product is better, doesn’t mean everyone will, and Everquest 1, and 2 both have progression servers that are quite successful, so there is a market, and it is profitable.

      I for one loved Vanilla. I loved the challenge, and the feeling of satisfaction when you beat a raid boss that you fought against for hours.

      • Eric Marsh

        Sure, supply and demand can explain a lot in this situation, but we’re talking about the illegal use of Blizzard’s intellectual property here. By law, they cannot make a profit off of it, else they be liable to repay all they made on top of a hefty fine for violating intellectual property rights (something they already did, thereby poisoning the well of potential WoW players and hurting sales as is). We’re also talking about pitting nostalgia against actually good game design: Vanilla had some horrible game design choices when viewed through an objective lens.

        Class limitations, for instance, bred the situation in group content where some classes were outright ostracized due to their lack of needed utility or depressing lack of damage capability. So what if someone enjoyed playing a Holy Warrior archetype? It wasn’t going to be employed as anything but a button-mashing spam healer or buff-bot in group content; no swinging a massive hammer for you, spam 1 on the second tank until you run oom.

        That same feeling of satisfaction you talk about, though, is found within WoW to this day. It exists in Mythic raiding, Mythic+ dungeon progression, and high-end Arena combat for all the lovely PvP-ers in-game. The tiering of raids these days lets them be more open to new players, disabled players, and more casual players, instead of limiting a large portion of the game’s group content to the elite few. And let’s face it, top-end players aren’t going to be drifting into Nostalrius for challenging content; they’ll be attempting to tackle the latest-and-greatest Blizzard has to offer.