Born to be Wild in City of Heroes

Born to be Wild in City of Heroes


Ever wanted to run like a cat? Fly like an eagle? Sniff… uh… like a dog?


If so?  That’s very strange and the OnRPG staff will be with you soon to settle you down. If you’ve ever wanted to do all that in a game… well then this is your lucky day.


NCSoft and City of Heroes have announced the Animal Pack. Available for purchase from the 23rd of this month, now you will be able to embrace your wild side and run wild.


Some highlights include:

Over 60 New Costume Parts and Patterns: Mix and match between a series of new Feline, Avian, Minotaur Wolf costume pieces to create fierce mythological beasts or noble guardians of nature.

6 New Emotes: Allowing players to activate new Savage, Hiss and Sniff emotes along with a series of animal- themed costume change emotes including Feather Burst, Fur Bust, Fur Fly and Feather Fly.


2 New Auras: Choose between two new tint able auras, Flea and Beastly Rage, that can be enabled for combat or always be active.

1 New Travel Power – Beast Run: Available at level 4, characters can now run like a savage beast with the new Beast Run travel power, pouncing through the concrete jungles known as the Rogue Isles, Paragon City and Praetoria while stealthily stalking and attacking their prey at every turn.


Keep an eye out on Metas Verse as I am sure she’ll have something to say about it soon.

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