Bottom Tier News Update Vol. 2


Attention, Internet! Every so often I use my bully pulpit to talk about stuff near and dear to me. And sometimes it’s just to shamelessly promote the YouTube channel I co-run, partnered with MMOHuts and OnRPG, Bottom Tier! A lot has gone on in the past month, and we’ve been terribly busy on both fronts, me starting new stuff with this company, Colton with his preparing to move and start a new phase in his life. But that’s no reason to not put out quality videos, because we love you guys!  Lots of stuff going up soon! Stuff like:

  • Two Episodes of Fatal Frame 2: We were going to do a longplay of this, but we came to the conclusion it would just be too long, and too boring in so many spots. This will be transitioning into “Saturday Morning RPG”, which I’ve wanted an excuse to play for ages! This will be a part of our ongoing “Bottom Tier Sells Out” series, for people who joined our Patreon and demand us to play things to amuse them!
  • Episode 3 of Battleborn! It’s recorded, edited, and ready to go very soon!  We’ll be tackling Mission 2, and that’ll be a lot of fun!
  • More regular Bottom Tier content! We’ll be coming back to EarthBound, Pokémon Soul Silver, Super Metroid, and whatever else we’ve forgotten!


There’s a lot that goes into all of this, and so for the people who come to the channel and click the little “Follow” button, maybe leave a comment or a like here or there, we appreciate all of it. But we’d love to know what other people would like to see! Us playing versus games, any particular old school game/console? We’d love to know!


More Videos

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    The Skaven aren't done yet! Warhammer: Vermintide returns with a sequel next year, and the carnage and action come back with it!

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  • Endathel

    Booster gold approved! cant wait to see some new content from you guys always entertaining.

    • Ragachak

      Thanks! We do what we can to be at least kind of funny.