Bottom Tier News Update:


Shameless Promotion Time! For those of you don’t know, I [Ragachak] am one-half of Bottom Tier with ColtronXL, a Youtube channel partnered with MMOHuts/OnRPG. We do Let’s Plays mostly, whatever is on our minds at the time, and review videos for the sites when called to give our opinions on things! Not always popular or even agreed upon but so what?  But I wanted to take this time to announce one or two things coming up!


  • Weekly Battleborn series: This one’s going to be a bit weird since we filmed the first two episodes at once.  We’re going to be doing weekly videos for MMOHuts/OnRPG, focused on new characters, as well as highlighting other characters in particular missions, going through all of them. There will also likely be special guests! Right now we’ve booked the cosplayer Missyeru! Whenever she’s free, anyway.
  • TMNT: Mutants in Manhattan:  I mentioned how this is going to get buried, and it makes me sad. This is just for funsies, and we hope you guys check it out.

Where can you find more you might ask?  RIGHT HERE.

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