Bounty Bay Online celebrates the “Talk-like-a-Pirate-day”

A pirate’s life in Bounty Bay Online not only includes bargaining, fighting, boarding enemy ships and crafting. Essential for becoming a real buccaneer is the right style of conversation: “By the holy ship’s kobold is that a ghost light at the horizon or did I have a bit much of the good Jamaican rum?” or “Aye you seaman, pick up your grappling hooks! We are going on a booty hunt, harr harr.”

On the occasion of today’s “Talk-like-a-pirate-Days” publisher Frogster has looted its supply chamber and is giving away many captured goods among lucky winners. The smartest and most unconscionable pirate rhyme will be rewarded with a 8600 GTS graphics card by Gainward. The second winner will get a sailor’s kitbag branded with BBO and packed with special surprise goodies. Third to fifth places will get one free playing month for the subscription server or 250 ingame shop points for the free-to-play-server.

Everybody who registers on the official website and opens an account free of charge can participate. Players can post their rhymes in the official Bounty Bay Online forum from the 19th till the 29th of September 2008. Further information and funny examples can be found on:

The “Talk-like-a-pirate-Day” was created by two self-proclaimed privateers from the US-state of Oregon in the year 1995. Ever since, pirates from around the seven seas are gathering to celebrate the 19th of September together.

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