Bounty Bay Online Colony Expansion In French

The race for the colonies is on. With immediate effect, the comprehensive colony expansion is available for players of the French version of Bounty Bay Online. Following on from the English and German versions, French-speaking players can now establish their own colonies with settlements and harbours in the historical explorer world. Once they have succeeded in a demanding series of group quests, guild leaders will receive a colony foundation stone for their efforts, entitling their guild to take over one of a total of 33 coastal territories. Along with the outside appearance of the colony, the ruling guild can also define its future development. In this way colony guilds can create for themselves an individual retreat with a profitable trading centre, military harbour, industrial harbour, or raw material store. Through expanding and upgrading their colony town all of the guild members will benefit from gaining better character attributes, such as better endurance for their ships, raised regeneration rates, increased movement abilities for their ships, or improved defence values of their land characters. However, a guild will also need to supply its colony towns with considerable resources. 

There is also a practical improvement concerning the sea-faring online role play game’s trading system. It’s now possible for players to make a systematic search of all vending stalls for specific items within the game zone. This lets players compare prices in a relaxed way in order to find the best deal. An automatic route functions to find non player characters, important buildings or coordinates simplifies navigation to fixed defined points in the game world.  Moreover there is also a new auto-heal function which is of much practical use in combat.

The free add-on is close on 300 MB in size and installs automatically as the game launches. Existing accounts and characters can continue to be used without any limitation.

Bounty Bay Online

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