Bounty Bay Online is turning two

Already for two years, Bounty Bay Online is tacking the territorial waters of the online-roleplaying scene. To celebrate the two year anniversary of the sailing MMO game, all players get double experience points for all creatures they kill until next Monday.

Besides that, every player on the free-to-play server “Mary Read” receives a credit of 22 item shop points as backing for their adventures in the maritime online world. Moreover, all players are called upon to recount their most original anecdotes from the time since release. The best story will be rewarded with 500 credit points for the item shop.

The German version of the first and most steady sailor and pirate MMO game launched on 20th of February of 2007. Developed by Snailgame in China, the historical world of exploration has been adapted for the European market by Yusho – which in the meantime has been merged into the new Frogster Online Gaming subsidiary of Frogster. Frogster Interactive launched the English version of Bounty Bay Online in September 2007. Both language versions started as traditional subscription based MMO games on the retail market. In December of 2007, the first major expansion “Storm Island” added more content to Bounty Bay Online for free.

Despite the rising subscription figures, Frogster, meanwhile, solely focusing on the operation of MMO games, undertook the experiment to launch a German free-to-play server alongside the subscription based server in spring of 2008. Within four weeks the publisher, observed a five-digit figure increase in player numbers. Since August 2008, the new French version enjoys great popularity too. Here as well more and more players engage in gripping sea battles and enjoy the flourishing trade. Worldwide around 150,000 players are registered for Bounty Bay Online. In January 2009, Frogster launched the second large expansion pack: the Colony add-on. Apart from new boss encounters and sequels to high level quest lines, larger guilds can now seize control over entire colonies.

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