Bounty Bay Online: Off to new shores!

Frogster has launched the Colony Add-on as the second large expansion to Bounty Bay Online. With the free add-on, players can now establish colonies in 33 coastal regions of the historical explorer world. After completing a special quest series and with the necessary resources, they are able to capture the area and build up their own town and port. Colony founders can then determine the trade policy and development of their new realm. This way, ambitious guilds can acquire their own retreat and a lucrative trading base. In the German version launched last week, all colonies have been taken over within a few days. Now it’s up to the players to create their first colonies.

Besides the colony features, the Colony Add-on integrates new quests into Bounty Bay Online, which are partly a continuation of quest series from the first expansion Storm Island. In addition to some new land bosses with improved tactics, new powerful pirate ships are now terrorizing the seven seas. Conquerors of these corsairs can expect huge amounts of gold, but they are protected by new dinghies. The small boats are only lightly armored, but dispose of considerable firepower. However, the developers have created a worldwide network of informants, so that news about the sighting of a pirate boat and his whereabouts spread like wildfire within the community. Another new feature of the Colony Add-on concerns ship convoys. As a last resort before sinking, the leading ship of a convoy can now launch small speedboats, trying to save its treasures before the impending demise.

Moreover, with the Colony Add-on players receive the possibility to salvage treasures from the sea. Previously, these could only be found on land. A practical innovation has also been implemented to the complex trading system of the sailor MMORPG. Players can now systematically search all sales stalls of an area for specific items and compare goods and prices to find the best offer.

The free colony add-on is available for both the subscription and free-2-play server and has a size of roughly 500 MB. It is being installed automatically with the next start of Bounty Bay Online.

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