Bounty Bay Online: Round one – fight!

Thanks to a new tournament system Bounty Bay Online players will be able to go up against one another in various combat modes starting in Q4 2009.

Whether in a nail-biting one-on-one, or a thrilling group encounter in 2vs2 or 5vs5 mode, the coming ‘Beyond the Horizon’ expansion will let plucky players measure themselves against their peers in both land and sea combat. Two new arenas will be opening their gates as venues for the tournaments. The land combat arena with its Asiatic look and the deceptively picturesque bay which forms the new sea combat arena, will invite belligerent players from all over the seafarer world to take on all comers.

There will be four NPC’s at the harbour in Athens who will accept players’ registrations for the weekly tournaments within a defined signing up period. During the registration players will also select between individual or group combat and decide on either the land or sea combat arena as their tournament showplace. Respective opponents will be drawn on a random basis. The best participants will compete over three rounds towards a final where highly desirable in-game prizes beckon.

A detailed ranking system will provide continuous information about the outcomes of the conflicts; number of knockouts, match timings, listings of the best teams or individual combatants.

Frogster will be publishing ‘Beyond the Horizon’ in line with current plans in the course of the fourth quarter 2009. Together with the new PvP arenas and tournaments, the add-on will include lots of new features such as the new continent of South America, six new cities, five new character classes, new instances, new pet-system and new pets, new ranking systems and new mini-games. In keeping with its predecessors, ‘Beyond the Horizon’ will be available free of charge.


Bounty Bay Online - Beyond the Horizon expands PvP

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