Bounty Bay Online: Skill Weeks on the Seven Seas

Skill Brochures 25 percent off in Bounty Bay Online

The life of a pirate is tough, to gain experience even tougher. This is true in the world of online role-playing games as well as in real life. To gain respect you have to improve your skills constantly in order to develop yourself. Only those who work steadily will become a respected online adventurer. But there is light at the horizon: Thanks to the integrated item-shop, players with a Free-2-Play account can boost their personal development slightly.
Until November 26th, players of Bounty Bay Online on the Free2Play server “Mary Read” can buy all skill brochures with a 25 percent discount.

With the help of skill brochures, players can choose to boost certain skills temporarily. This option won’t render your character the most famous buccaneer, adventurer or merchant over night, but Columbus didn’t find America without some personal effort neither.

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