Breaking: Former APB Players Get Their Characters Back In APB: Reloaded!

Breaking: Former APB Players Get Their Characters Back In APB: Reloaded!


When the first version of All Points Bulletin went down after only three months most players assumed they’d never see their characters and perhaps more importantly: their designs back!


There was a small light at the end of the tunnel when rumors emerged that APB was going to get “rescued” and in November we were happy to report that the game had indeed been picked up by GamersFirst (K2 Network) who are currently working on improving the game greatly before relaunching it.


APB: Reloaded Offering an Olive Branch to New Players!


The most excited news we were able to pry away when we met the team at GDC was that the light at the end of the tunnel may be a lot brighter than most might expect.


We asked the GamersFirst team: What about the thousands of players that felt robbed the first time they invested in APB only to see it shut down a mere three months after it launched? Producer Jon-Enée Merriex smiled and answered:

“We are ready and committed to welcome these players back with open arms. There WILL be character transfers and players WILL get their names, avatars and designs back. Because cars and weapons have been completely overhauled we will not be restoring them but the essence of their characters WILL be restored to their former glory!”

And in addition to this Jon-Enée mentioned that they will soon announce an “olive branch” that will be offered to all former APB players, one that they are sure will excite them!

This was unfortunately as much as we could get them to say at this stage but all in all it’s a very satisfying answer further confirming that APB is in very good hands!

You can find more details on the game’s relaunch in our APB: Reloaded preview.

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