Breaking New Ground

The TV series Prison Break has been a hit since it was first introduced 3 seasons ago. Season 3 is over, and with Hollywood writers ending their strike, we know fans are anxiously anticipating Season 4. However, it will be sometime before it’s released so in the meantime we are going to hold a Prison Break of our own.

Event Rules: During the month of April we will simultaneously release all the prisoners in jail and “Wanted” notices for those prisoners, so that players can go hunt for the escapees. Those who were freed should stay alert for players looking for them, as well as keeping on their best behavior so they are not found. (Red names will lead to a loss of equipment). Think you’re as clever as Michael Scofield and the others? We will soon see!

Notes: Those who want to be freed can sign up for the event from April 7th until April 12th in our forum. After that they need to contact us via Live Support, so our GMs can teleport them out of the jail. Live Support is available from 8:30pm until 2:30am every day from April 16th until the 21st. Before deciding to break out, players should keep in mind that their characters status is unchanged. Meanwhile other players can redeem an "Arrest Warrant" from the link:

Prize Information

Arrest Warrant : A character with a red name and has Notoriety than 9 will be put into prison if the character was killed by the user with 1 hour.

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