Breaking News: Sega Partners with WWE:


I received a curious bit of news in my inbox today. It’s no big secret that I love the WWE, and wrestling in general. However, I read this morning that SEGA is partnering with the WWE to make a mobile game! An idle game, in particular, called WWE: Tap Mania. This is smart branding on a lot of different levels. Kurt Angle just got inducted into the Hall of Fame, and is famous for “making people tap”. Tapping is a thing you do in a lot of those idle games, and well…submission moves are cool! They all look horrifying and unpleasant and get victories. If Kurt’s not on the loading screen, there’s something wrong. The Tap Lab is working on the game itself, and they are well-known for making popular, well-received mobile games, and I’m sure this will be no exception. I enjoyed all of the ones I’ve played so far, Supercard, and Champions. I’m curious what the next mobile game will bring to the table!

“We are always looking to engage our global fan base in new and exciting ways. Partnering with industry leader SEGA is a great opportunity for us to continue our mobile game strategy while bringing in new fans with WWE Tap Mania.” said Casey Collins, WWE Executive Vice President, Consumer Products. I can’t wait to see the roster and the gameplay! You can count on us covering it when it’s available! Or at least… I will.

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