Brick-Force Comic Launches Today

Brick-Force Comic Launches Today



Infernum has partnered with Stenarts and Marvin Clifford to release an online comic series on new FPS World Builder, Brick-Force. “It may not look like it but today is the best day of my life.” – These are the starting words of the new Brick-Force comic’s first episode which was launched today. Starting today, every two weeks, the official website will give Brick-Force fans updates on the adventures of special agent Cooper and his special-forces team during their deployment in the Brick-Universe.



The text and concepts in the new Brick-Force comic stem from Berlin’s creative think tank “Stenarts” a publisher and developer of interactive comic apps including “RIA – Lightclan-Chronicles” which has become a household name in the German comic scene. The artist and illustrator, Marvin Clifford, gave life to the square characters. Within the games sector, he is probably best known for co-creating the comic series and browser game “Shakes & Fidget”.



Pleased with the project, Marvin Clifford said: “The Brick-Force comic is my first partnership with Stenarts and Infernum. The Stenarts people have been longtime friends of mine so I was very happy to start working on the Brick-Force project, which has been challenging, inspiring and fun.”



Mission: Square

The Brick-People’s home world is doomed. Very soon, their life-giving, square sun will explode in a supernova. In order to evacuate the population, his Excellency, King Kubrick I, has given order to find a suitable uninhabited world and prepare it for population. This is the chance that renegade general Zapota and his followers have only been waiting for: the rise to power. As the first fights break out on one of the settlers’ planets, an elite team of 5 is sent out to take care of the situation.



Brick-Force is currently in “VIP” open beta stage and will soon be accessible for all fans.

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