Build the Best Character

Build the Best Character
As players progressing deeper and deeper into the Elf Online, they will ask the question: how do I built my character? What is the best statistic solution?

Now, let’s have a quick view over how do advanced players build their characters of different career

Magician: As the career tutor said, magician and his equipments need wisdom, stamina and luck. However, luck in current beta version has little effect, so player should add more stats to wisdom and stamina. Wisdom affects the magic attack directly and stamina character’s survival. Personally speaking, agility is not so important, the chance of miss depends more on the level disparity between character and monster or characters. When it comes to the fighting between magicians, higher agility will help get the upper hand. Magician is good at single attack and group attacks, so some wisdom is needed. Player who prefers fighting alone need more stamina. Three points of wisdom and two points of stamina concurrently is recommended.

Rover: Agility and stamina is important to rover. They need stamina at the beginning, and then transfer all points to agility after jobbed. Agility before jobbed can only lead to increase accuracy and dodge, more agility after jobbed will increase accuracy, dodge and attack at once. Rover has two branches: rover of high agility can become a attacker of high attack and high dodge, while the rover of more stamina will grow into an assistant. From the perspective of leveling up, three points of agility and two points of stamina concurrently is recommended. If you wanna duel with others, you’d better add some wisdom when reach advanced level in order to keep enough MP for the different kinds of assistant skills.

Soldier: Soldier is equipped best. Advanced equipments can increase much in stamina and strength. So what’s the orientation of Soldier? To be of high-strength? Actually, attack is not low, but compared with the critical hit of rover and the multiple attacks of master, it’s a little bit…. Agility to rover has the same effect as strength to soldier, however, to rovers, agility will increase accuracy and dodge on the same ground. Therefore, soldier should develop into the assistant, exactly to be a tank. Use sneer-at while fighting for saving action time. How helpless the soldier is! His attack is lower than master while speed is slower than rover and his skill is the worst among all jobs. There is not alternative for soldier but to be a tank with the equipments of high defense and high stamina. Four or five points of stamina or certain strength or agility is recommended.

Scholar: Stamina and wisdom mostly. The more stamina to be added, the better it will be. More wisdom is also needed. Keep MP meeting the ends for it can be added after one round of fighting. Stamina is in the primary position, for more stamina can guarantee the security of you and teammates better. Specific adding scheme is up to your favor.

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