Business Tycoon Online announces new Concept Vehicle System

Business Tycoon Online announces new Concept Vehicle System


DOVOGAME has just announced an addition to the fantastic Vehicle Combination system that has brought many valuable cars with amazing attributes.


Previously, Tycoons who used the Vehicle Combination system had a chance to receive a special Concept vehicle that could be given a custom name by the lucky owner. These Concept vehicles boasted high attributes, as well special bonuses, including increasing store revenue, increasing Factory production rate, and increased raw material supply rate. As well as being custom named, these special attributes truly makes the owner of these Vehicles stand out.


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Different from Vehicle Combinations, Concept Vehicle Combination enables you to select up to 5 cars. These 5 cars must add up to a total value of at least 150,000 Gold. Combination Scrolls cannot be used and the combination cannot be started until the Gold valuation is met. Once the value reaches 150,000 Gold, the combination can be started. Players are guaranteed a Concept Vehicle, worth at least 199,999 Gold, and will then be able to name the vehicle anything they want. Not only will these vehicles have high basic attributes, they also have all three of the special attributes! This makes owning a Concept Vehicle a must for those looking to stand out and obtain an advantage in the business world of Liberty City!


For more details on Concept Vehicle Combinations, check out the official BTO website.

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