Business Tycoon Online Opens its fourth server “Las Vegas”

Business Tycoon Online Opens its fourth server “Las Vegas”


Want your dreams to come true? Come to Las Vegas! Want to be rich overnight? Come to Las Vegas! Want extravagant enjoyment? Come to Las Vegas! At 8:00 am, Feb. 16, DOVOGAME will release the fourth server “Las Vegas”. Start on your adventure now!
To express their gratitude for players’ support, 7 activities will keep going on in “Las Vegas”. Grasp your chance! 
Activity 1 Three Registration Gifts
As long as they finished creating their in-game character, players will receive 50,000 TCN, a VIP Card (30 days) and a cool Motorcycle and another 50 Gratis Gold if they finish rookie tasks. Besides, in the first three days, every rookie will get up to 100 Gratis Gold in Welfare.
Activity 2 Top Rewards for Top Ranks
During the activity, the top 10 companies in “Company Ranking” will get different amount of gold according to their rankings. The top three will receive 1,000 Gold, 600 Gold and 400 Gold respectively.
Activity 3 Double Store Upgrade Points
The Store Upgrade Point increases 1 point every 2 hours rather than every 4 hours. Your business expands faster. 
Activity 4 Double Routine Rewards
Players’ rewards for finishing daily tasks doubles in the first three days after Las Vegas launched.
Activity 5 Win the Campaign in City Hall
Undoubtedly, events such as elections and impeachments will be drastically heated during this activity. As long as one succeed in keeping his position in the City Hall, the player will be rewarded various precious items including Voting Tickets, Bricks, and Medals that will bring you Revenue Bonus. 
Activity 6 Super Rewards for Guild Upgrade
To thanks for their contributions to Liberty City, Mayor Brain has prepared abundant rewards for guild presidents and their members. Upgrade the guild as soon as possible and the president and his men will probably get Bricks, Diamond Keys and other valuable gifts.
Activity 7 Luxury Company Upgrade Package
Every time he upgrades his company, a player will receive Company Upgrade Package from DOVOGAME which contains a large amount of Tycoin, Gold Contracts, Moving Companies, Loyal Employee Card, etc. All of them help you a lot. The higher grade the company goes up to, the more rewards the player gets. Don’t hesitate. Rush now.
Start your dream on Business Tycoon Online. Spend your night on “Las Vegas”. Be here at 8:00 am, Feb. 16.

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