C9 Continent of the Ninth Seal Enters Early Access Phase

C9 Continent of the Ninth Seal Enters Early Access Phase



WEBZEN begins early access testing for C9 (Continent of the Ninth Seal) today, allowing players to experience the game prior to OBT.


From June 27th, C9 servers will be opened to players who participated in the character pre-creation event for early access. This event allowed registered players to create their character, choose the server, classes, and character name prior to OBT. Players will be able to experience C9 three days earlier than the official launch that starts on July 1st. About 50,000 characters have been created as the result of this event.



With the start of OBT, the new class ‘Witchblade’ will be available for selection. ‘Witchblade’ is one of the most anticipated classes in C9 and specializes in powerful melee combat and magic skills. For the 2nd advancement at level 20, this class can be advanced into the ‘Warden’ that specializes in ranged frozen magic, or the ‘Slayer’ which specializes in splendid aerial combos.



Additionally, a wide range of new and localized content has been included based on feedback from previous tests. Among the new content, an in-game social network service integrated function, where players will be able to upload comments and screenshots on Facebook or Twitter, has been added.



More details about the new contents for OBT can be found at ‘First major patch note’ section of C9 forum. (forums.webzen.com/Topic283743.aspx)



Meanwhile, C9 has been chosen as an official event for the Game and Game World Championship (GNGWC) 2012 which is a global tournament event annually hosted by KOCCA (Korea Creative Contents Agency). This tournament will commence with the qualifying round for European and North American regions which will begin with Europe’s qualifying round in August, 2012 at ‘Gamescom’, Germany. Championship Finals will be held in November, 2012 at ‘G-Star2012’, South Korea.



Jihun Lee, Head of Global Publishing, said, “We highly anticipate OBT to be successful, and players who experience C9 early access will realize how much time and effort we spent for localization and content development.” He also said, “We hope all players whether whom have early access chance or not to continuously enjoy C9 throughout OBT starting from July 1st.’



Interested in joining the test but missed the Early Character Creation event? Head over to our event page as we have some back up keys prepared for you!

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