C9 Reveals Second Major Expansion, The Awakening

C9 Reveals Second Major Expansion, The Awakening






WEBZEN Inc. announced the second expansion of Continent of the Ninth Seal ‘The Awakening’. On December 27th, the new continent ‘Sarad – The Blooming Desert’ will be unveiled. Players will face the challenge in the blooming desert against ‘Molleck – the King of Necros’ to break the seal of ‘Bradiel – the Fire God’. Also, the character’s level cap will be increased from 57 to 63. Furthermore, new contents of ‘Skill Book’ system will be updated to enhance players’ characters further.



Additionally, highly anticipated Witchblade’s 3rd advanced class ‘Bladedancer – The Blossom of The Desert Flower’ will be released. She uses deadly dual blade to make the splendid swiftest attack moves and gracefully glides around the enemies.



Meanwhile, to celebrate the new expansion ‘The Awakening’, C9 will be hosting various events for players. For the returning players, 5th Continent’s exclusive unique items ‘Black Santa Gear’ and ‘Action Skill Book’ will be rewarded. The active players will be given the newly updated ‘Legend’ as well. Moreover, new C9 players who play ‘Bladedancer’ will be rewarded with unique items.



Jihun Lee, Head of Global Publishing, said, “We have contributed effort to offer new challenges for the players with the new expansion.” He also said, “We hope players gain as much pleasure from the various events that we have prepared together with the updates.”

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