C9 Welcomes New VIP Testers While Launching PvP Modes

C9 Welcomes New VIP Testers While Launching PvP Modes



Webzen announced the secondary invites for VIP testers and the PvP content update for their Unrivaled Action RPG, ‘C9’ (Continent of the Ninth Seal).



Today, Webzen invited their new VIP testers to meet the demands of many users. Although the VIP Test was originally designed as a limited test, a massive amount of users had applied; therefore requiring additional channels to be added. Still due to the continuous requests, Webzen decided to invite an additional 2,000 testers from the VIP wait list, those who were not so lucky the first time. Also, additional new testers were chosen from highly active users on C9’s SNS sites, including the official C9 Facebook page.


With these secondary invitations, Webzen has updated the anticipated PVP contents which include the ‘Intrusion’ and ‘Arena’ system. The ‘Intrusion’ system allows users to intrude dungeons being played by other users. Whoever prevails will own the dungeon and receive a token that can be exchanged into valuable items. The ‘Arena’ holds C9’s main competitive feature that new and previous VIP testers can enjoy. Check out the latest PvP launch trailer to get a taste of the action!


Jihun Lee, Head of Global Publishing, said, “There has been a large amount of requests from users who hoped for participation, so we have decided to have a secondary invitation for VIP Testers.” Also he said, “The VIP Tester’s feedback and ideas will improve the localization of the game, and we encourage them to share their thoughts.”

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