Cabal Europe Content Update: Secrets of Radiant Hall

Cabal Europe Content Update: Secrets of Radiant Hall


Games-masters are pleased to announce the latest CABAL Online update: Secrets of Radiant Hall. Introducing a whole host of key changes and improvements, the update includes:


NEW Solo Quest Dungeon! Set in the icy region of Bloody Ice, this dungeon sets heroes the mission of saving a lost and helpless girl. As with the other quest dungeons there are three levels of difficulty to select from, affecting the strength of the monsters and the quality of the drops.


Cabal Online Radiant Hall 


NEW Raiding Dungeon. Continuing the storyline of the Illusion Castle dungeon (released with the previous update), Radiant Hall includes 9 new boss monsters to defeat, countless quests to overcome and new loot to earn!


NEW Daily Quest system – receive up to six quests daily from the newly designated Daily Quest NPCs. Rewards include experience point, AXP (a higher level form of exp used for certain items), Guild Points and Dungeon entries.


REVAMP of the user interface. Designed to optimise the user experience!


NEW Party Registration and search system – an easy to use matching tool, enabling parties to find group members and for players to find groups!


NEW Key Binding Options. Players will now be able to set their own short cut keys and create personalised chat macros.


NEW Faces & Hair Styles! Six new faces and hair styles, ranging from the festival goer to the more traditional, providing even more variety and customisation.


Cabal Online Europe Radiant Hall

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