Cabal Online: CABALYMPICS 2010 Begins – Compete for 5000 Euros

Cabal Online: CABALYMPICS 2010 Begins – Compete for 5000 Euros worth of prizes announced the launch of a brand new tournament server for their hit free-to-play MMORPG CABAL Online. Known as the ‘CABALYMPICS 2010’, the tournament will pit players from across Europe against one another in a series of in-game challenges for prizes totalling over 5000 Euros. The contest will last for a total of twelve weeks and will allow players to transfer their characters at the end of the tournament to one of the games other three servers.  
To enter the contest, and be eligible for the prizes, players will need to create a character on the newly created ‘CABALYMPICS’ server. Users will then be able to complete a number of pre-announced challenges, including achieving certain level goals and clearing listed dungeons, with points awarded to those who achieve the goals in the quickest time and in the lowest amount of total logged in game time. This use of ‘playtime’, which accurately records how long a person has been inside the game, will ensure that the contest remains competitive right until the final weeks and will allow those with only a few hours each day to challenge for the prizes. 
The first events are now live and users can register to take part at The majority will run until March 9th 2010 when the winners will have their points added to a league table. This league table will be used to determine the prize winners, including a 3000 Euros top prize, high-quality graphics cards, gaming keyboards, pre-paid payment cards and more.

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