Cabin Fever Delivers New Co-Op “Zombie Mode” to Combat Arms

Cabin Fever Delivers New Co-Op “Zombie Mode” to Combat Arms


Nexon America continues to deliver new, exciting content to its popular multiplayer online first-person shooter Combat Arms with a new map, Cabin Fever.

New Cabin Map in Combat Arms


To give players a sneak peek at what’s to come, Nexon has a fly-through video and screenshots of Cabin Fever.
This new map will feature an additional version of the popular co-op, Fireteam mode. This new mode expands on the popular Quarantine Mode, which introduced infected soldiers into the game.
Players who escaped an underground research center with a virus sample are being followed by hordes of infected creatures and take refuge in an old, abandoned building. There, the battle of life and death will continue as players wait for the rescue team to arrive.

Get Real Cabin Fever


Visit the Combat Arms game profile and check out the new screenshots.

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