Call of the Kings – Closed Beta Screenshots

Call of the Kings – The Mirror Black

New closed beta screenshots are now available at the game site. The online game, Call of the Kings – The Mirror Black, developed by the small independent game developer Gamalocus, has entered the last stages of closed beta testing. The game is a 3D game programmed in Java making it available for Windows, Linux and Macintosh.

Call of the Kings is an online hybrid strategy role-playing game set in a feudal medieval empire. The Imperial Peace is fragile and only held together by an old Emperor who seems to be on the brink of insanity. While the noble players of the realm impatiently await their Emperor’s total mental breakdown, they send fleets of troops and heroes into the colonial frontiers to capture the wealth and political prestige needed to fully prepare them for the coming Battle of the Imperial Throne.

The game has been in closed beta since November 2007.

“Creating a MMOG with a tiny independent team has proven very challenging,” says covert ops director Lars Nielsen. “We ended up creating the game without funding, a 2 man full-time team and the help of friends, students and interns. We are still some way from our full feature milestone, but we are getting there. A BIG thanks to our testers and fans from the old Call of the Warlords who have been a steady supply of encouragement during the last three years.”

“The game caters to both casual gamers with the tick based concept found in many browser strategy games. And at the same time it has the frontier battlefields where the players can spend hours fighting it out in strategy PvP. It runs in real-time, but the RTS element has been applied to diplomacy, espionage, army movement, and civilization improvement instead of the classic tactical troop management and resource gathering of the RTS genre,” says programmer Emanuel Greisen.

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The Danish Game Developer Gamalocus was founded in 2001 during the production of the graphical strategy browser game Call of the Warlords. The last three years a small team of dedicated geeks has been working hard to create this new strategy MMOG.
Call of the Kings is programmed in java using the 3D engine jmonkey. The game will be available for PC including the operating systems of Windows, Linux and Macintosh.

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