Calling all Allods Players!

Calling all Allods Players!


OnRPG recently had a chance to sit down with Vincent Douvier (Executive Producer at Gala Networks Europe Ltd) about Allods Online and all the fun and exciting things coming up for players. The interview shall be available soon but in the meantime we have carried back a message from the crew of Allods.


Allods Online Interview


A little over two weeks ago an ingame email was sent to all current and previous players of Allods Online containing two items normally available through the boutique for all characters created before the last patch. If you want your Cones of Incense and more, log in now to check and claim them, like all good in game mail systems, they will remove themselves after a certain point.



Log in before the 25th of November to get your hands on this fantastic celebratory gift from everyone at Allods Online!



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