Camelot Unchained Begins Backer Voting on Class Reveals

Today’s CityState Games Livestream overview focused on the upcoming 10 week reveal of classes and trio archetypes for Camelot Unchained. Backers will be able to vote in email surveys to push for follow-up stream reveals of the silhouettes teased on this page.

Camelot Unchained Class Silhouttes

While dedicated followers of Camelot Unchained may recognize a few of these (our predictions below!), there are certainly far more classes pictured than we anticipated. It seems after working through the paths systems for customizing individual classes, a few stood out to the point that the developers decided to dedicate entirely new classes to the concepts. As such we’re getting more classes than anticipated without even needing to hit a stretch goal!

As always, Mark Jacobs assured that these additional classes would not impact the progression of development towards launch. Viewers present voted on random numbers to also reveal a class name: TDD- Morrigans. Now the waiting game begins as Camelot Unchained will soon put faces to the characters that will put the RPG in their sandbox realm PvP MMORPG.


DizzyPW Trio Archetype Predictions:

A. Shield Juggernauts
B. Healers
C. Scouts
D. Mages
E. Great Axe Berserkers
F. Archers
G. Blood Mages? This one is throwing me off!
H. Spirit Summoners
I. Veil Stalkers/Walkers
J. Marauders

Need more details? Check the full stream from today!

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