Capcom and Neowiz developing Rockman Online

Capcom and Neowiz developing Rockman Online


Rockman, Mega Man… Whatever name you use on this iconic and beloved Capcom character, I think no gamers will be strangers to him. In what I perceive as a “weird” co-op effort, Japan’s Capcom has announced that it will be developing Rockman Online (tentative title) with Korea’s Neowiz. Last month, there was a rumor about Capcom licensing the title Rockman Universe, so it has yet to be seen which will be the official title.


Rockman Online


Capcom also stated recently in their papers that the company will be looking forward to expand their online gaming titles in Asia (especially China), hinting that there will be more MMOs to come after Monster Hunter Frontier. Looks like there is now a new player in the MMO industry!


Below is the first teaser poster released for Rockman (or Mega Man) Online. There is no other news available yet.


Source: MMO*Culture

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