Caveat emptor: DC Universe Online

If you are a PC gamer, this almost certainly is not news to you. If you are a console gamer who has only just stepped into the massively multiplayer world due to DCUO or were planning to, take note.


As reported by GamesIndustry second hand copies of DCUO will not work with your Playstation Network accounts.


“Once the PSN key has been consumed with a disk it cannot be resold/replayed with the second user adding a sub – only the original consumer can use that acct,” Sony said in an email to LazyGamer, adding that “Disk and account are one.”


So if you or a friend were planning on snapping up a cheap “pre-owned” copy of DC Universe Online in your local store, keep in mind that you are paying for nothing more than an installation disc. New accounts require new unused keys.


GamesIndustry also adds 

This also means that a shared PS3 console, with separate PSN IDs on it, would require separate discs in order for multiple accounts to play the game, even on the same machine.

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