Celebrate Halloween With Outspark!

Halloween approaches and Outspark is ready with events, quests, new items, and contests set up for every game! Check just a few of the many things going on:

Outspark Celebrates Halloween in a special way!


Fiesta has a fun Cosplay contest, where users must look as close as possible to their character in order to win, and demonstrate with a picture of themself and a screen shot of their character. There are also tons of masks, costumes, weapon skins, and more available for the players to use to customize their characters just right for Halloween.

Secret of the Solstice also has tons of items available, like Hockey Masks and more to put on their adorable characters for a fightful new look. Players are being encouraged to join the Halloween Bash event Oct 22 and 23 where surprises await.With Outspark, that usually means that free items will be involved.

Wind Slayer has several Halloween based events going on, including an offline screen shot contest where users can submit scary / funny pictures in order to win some pretty cool prizes. Just like other Outspark games there are a number of costumes just released, like a Scarecrow outfit, and many other spooky / cute costumes.

Check out some screen shots and more details by clicking here to read the full Outspark news post.


Outspark Pumpkin

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