Celebrate Homecoming in Fiesta

The new school year is in full swing along and all the “fun” that comes with it – delicious cafeteria food, pop quizzes, and hours of homework. So now’s the time to take a break from the books and relax. It’s time for homecoming in Fiesta!

To celebrate, the GMs will be throwing a homecoming dance on October 10th and 11th, and have released some stylish new costumes to the Fiesta Store. The Sakura Costume and Royal Fiesta Costume aren’t just perfect for making a great first impression or burning up the dance floor – they also boost your critical bonus rate and are ideal for slaying the monsters of Isya too.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a homecoming dance without a homecoming king and queen. Players can now nominate potential homecoming royalty in the Fiesta forums, and every winner will receive a special in-game crown on the day of the dance. All nominations must be submitted by October 9th, so vote now!

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