Challenge Games Launches Warstorm

Online game combines card collecting with strategic battles

Challenge Online Games, Inc., has announced the launch of its latest free-to-play online game, Warstorm. Warstorm is a browser-based, short form game that combines elements of collectible card games (CCG) and massively multi-player online games (MMO).

Warstorm simplifies the complex deck building required by typical collectible card games by introducing an innovative squad concept. A player, known as a warlord, selects a hero card which can support a squad consisting of up to six units, artifacts, or spells. The player can then engage in battles with one or more squads against other players or through various quests.

A player can issue challenges to friends or a post a general challenge to the player community, battling only when the challenge is accepted. Players can also compete in tournaments with up to sixteen people. Battles are displayed in Warstorm’s animated battle viewer that activates squads on a card-by-card basis – displaying attacks, special abilities, and much more. Gamers who enjoy games like Magic the Gathering, World of Warcraft or Lineage but are looking to play games in smaller time intervals will enjoy the richness and depth of Warstorm.

“Warstorm can be enjoyed by all levels of gamers.” said Andrew Busey, founder and CEO of Challenge Online Games. “Casual gamers will have fun learning the game and challenging friends, while our serious gamers will want to strategize how to build amazingly diverse squads and compete with players from around the world.”

Warstorm can be played for free, but players can purchase packs of cards through micro-transactions.

Warstorm is the third free short-form multiplayer online game from Challenge Games. Its debut game, Duels, was the first massively multi-player role-playing game (MMORPG) to be integrated directly with Facebook. It currently has over a quarter of a million players worldwide. Challenge Games’ second title, Baseball Boss, launched this summer. Baseball Boss, officially licensed by MLB Advanced Media, is the first game to combine baseball simulation games with collectable card games.

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