ChangYou (US) Announces Zentia Closed Beta

ChangYou (US) Announces Zentia Closed Beta


Gamers Invited to Take a First Look at a Twisted FairyTale! (US) Inc., proudly announced the Closed Beta for their flagship game, Zentia, today. Zentia is a new 3D free-to-play fairytale MMORPG with a delightfully twisted sense of humor. The Zentia Closed Beta begins today, July 15th at 4pm (PDT) and lasts through the beginning of August 2010.


Zentia Forest
Hey ho, hey ho!


“I’m very excited about Zentia entering Closed Beta today and am looking forward to everyone getting a chance to get in on all the fun,”says Zentia’s Community Manager, Katie Simpson. “The community, too, awaits the date with great anticipation – we have all been ‘camping out’ at the Zentia forum campsites and sharing our anticipation of what is soon to come.”


 Zentia Combat Mount
Zentia combat mount


Developed by Pixel Soft, Zentia is full of unique features, countless treasures to unlock and hours of captivating gameplay. Players can choose from twenty-two character archetypes and try out any of eight class systems.  A unique feature of Zentia is the ability for characters to enter battle with combat mounts that can hold up to 10 passengers in both PVE (Player vs Environment) and PVP (Player vs Player). The game’s extensive pet-capture system and in depth social level features promise to provide a deliciously distinctive game play experience. 


Zentia Closed Beta keys are available from a variety of partner sites that can be found on the Zentia official site at: Zentia is available in English worldwide.


Zentia Battle

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