Chaos Online Event: Become Player GM Today

Chaos online closed beta successfully launched last weekend. As what we always do, we are working very hard on creating a warm and relaxed community for all CO players. Fortunately, our efforts were acknowledged that players expressed high interest in joining these activities. In the following week we are going to do some awesome activities:

1. Refer friends to Chaos online and win daily lottery. – If you like this stylish game, you can refer this game to your friends, explore the mythical and chaotic world with them and get valuable items.

2. Review Chaos Online and win valuable items and Ipod! – If you are good at writing, you can write your own review of Chaos Online so that more and more players will have a basic knowledge of this game. You can also get rewarded for this.

3. Find bugs in closed beta to gain valuable items! – Bug finder is always respected by both players and game companies. If you are a hardcore player and finding bug is one of your expertises, you will definitely enjoy your trip here!

4. GMs and Mods recruiting! Become a player GM today! – Being a GM is possible now! We open GM positions to all players!

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